Bukidnon Investment and Export Promotion Center

Cost of Doing Business

There are certain issues and concerns to address in every business endeavor. Various factors must be taken into account in formulating a viable Business Plan. Here are a few of the things to consider when estimating costs of starting your business in Bukidnon. Click here to download the 2015 Cost of Doing Business Click here to download the 2012...

Facts and Figures

Bukidnon Land Cover

This map shows the land cover of the Province of Bukidnon for 2005. The data on this map was derived from French SPOT (Satellite pour l’Observation de Terre) satellite platform using Remote Sensing (RS) technology. A total of 7 SPOT scenes or images were processed and mosaicked in order that a full coverage of the entire area of the province could be...

Socio Economic Profile



Cool and moist climate all goes well for its largely agricultural economy…